Talaria Sting


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Introducing the new Talaria Sting eBike. Developed with a focus on power, autonomy, and better handling Talaria has made one of the most competitive eBikes on the market. The Sting was designed with a gearbox in place of a belt drive giving you a bike with more torque, more reliability, and less noise. The design will turn heads and the performance will blow minds.

Weight: 57kg

Charge Time: 4 Hours

Quick Swap Batteries

This is the 2x 3200W motors 70V 34Ah

Surpass your Top Speed

Up to 160km Range*

Stable Ride

Steering Damper

The optional steering damper stabilizes the front-end to eliminate any speed-wobble or vibrations to give a much smoother ride at high speeds.

Upgraded Locking Mechanism

RoadRunner has engineered a stem folding mechanism which provides more stability when fully locked, to ensure a safer and more confident riding experience.

Folding/Locking Stem

Most bikes in the RS5’s class do not have a locking mechanism when folded. This newly designed stem system makes it very simple to fold and lock the RS5. Easy to pick up and transport.

Updated Features

LED Display

The RS5+ has a display that riders can finally see in the bright sunlight!  After listening to customer feedback about hard to read LED displays, RoadRunner has delivered a large LED display that can be seen in all types of conditions.

Adjustable Hydraulic Spring Suspension

The RS5+ provides a superior suspension that makes this scooter so comfortable, it almost feels like floating. It is equipped with a dual hydraulic spring suspension system that can be easily adjusted to a soft ride for off-road riding or a stiff ride for on-road riding.

NUTT Hydraulic Brakes

The RS5+ comes with a low-maintenance NUTT hydraulic brakingsystem which is the industry leader.  It is a high-performance disc brake that gives you more stopping power, longer durability, and faster/reliable braking.


Motor6400W (3200 X 2) Brushless Dual Drive
Battery60V 34Ah LG Lithium ion quick-release removable battery
Maximum Range160 km
Bike Weight50.5 kg
Bike Weight with no batteries
30.6 kg
 Display LED Display – Visible in all conditions
SuspensionFront & Rear Hydraulic Spring Shocks
BrakesFront and Rear NUTT Hydraulic Brake System
Battery Recharge Time4-5 hours (2-3 with 2 chargers)
LightsLED Headlights, Side Lights, Brake Light, Lower Front Deck Light


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